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About us

Looking into other Golf Simulator businesses in Toledo, Ann Arbor, etc. I wanted to focus specifically on what customers would value most. Other Simulator businesses have a higher price point due to labor costs, for us, I designed it to have the lowest possible cost in order to pass on those savings to customers. Our Technology is every bit as equal to ANY other competitors, and constantly developing to create the best possible experience for our customers. We have plenty of seating for each bay, in the form of a 6-8 person bar top viewing each bay. In addition to that we have 8 flatscreen TV’s all over the building which creates a great environment for watching Sporting Events while you play. Lastly, we are beginning to get people engaged in our Under Par Club, which is solely designed for customers who come roughly once a month at minimum during the Winter. This allows you discounts on bookings, by giving you your own personal keycard or keyfob to access the building and run your simulator without assistance. Which most of our customers after 2 or 3 visits are fully capable of doing! In addition to those savings, you get a FREE 2 Hour Booking and it saves you on Tournament Fees, League Fees, Party Bookings, etc. 

With a building on the property of Midway Market that I had very little need for I started to come up with ideas to best transform the space. At first it was going to be more of a All Sports Zone, with Pool Table, Ping-Pong, Cornhole, (1) Golf Simulator, etc. After further thought, with my history in the Golf Simulator Industry and connections to golfers in Lenawee County, I decided we should pursue potentially offering multiple Simulators and form a business out of it. Which began a rapid evolving business plan to best utilize the space we had available and offer a fun/entertaining environment for customers. 

We are currently in the process of adding an additional location in Ann Arbor, MI. This will be just the first of multiple new locations to come in the near future! These locations will have 3-4 Golf Simulators, Full Bar Service, and Pizza Restaurant all in the same building. We are taking the model of reducing labor costs to create a more affordable price point for customers, all while maintaining the highest quality possible!  

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