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Thinking about owning your very own golf simulator? Our questionnaire is designed to help you find the perfect fit. By answering these questions, you'll receive a personalized recommendation based on your preferences, space, and budget. This questionnaire is your first step toward bringing the joy of golf into your own home or business. Let's get started on the path to your dream golf simulator.


What kind of Simulator are you looking for?

Small/Affordable: Smaller in size. You could go as small as 7' (W) x 7'(H) x 2' (D). An option like this is best for someone looking to put one in for personal use in a garage, barn, etc.. It will present problems if you want people to play that are both right and left handed at the same time.

Premium Home Simulator: Best for someone who wants a more accurate launch monitor, and large enough size to play with others. Higher quality hitting mat, screen, projector, etc.

Commercial Simulator: What we recommend for businesses looking to put one in at an office, schools, etc.. Full scale build with all of the necessary quality to withstand the amount of use it will get.

What is the MAX width you are looking for?

What is the MAX height you are looking for?

How deep do you want your "side walls" and "top" to be?

What is your Price Range for a Launch Monitor?

What is your Price Range for a Projector?

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